Software Products

  • HR & Payroll This is a java based software with Oracle or MySQL as choice of database. This is ideal for small offices and MSMEs. Includes Employee Information Management, Leave Management, Travel Management, Time Sheet Management, Material Requisition, Inter Office Memo, Notice Board.
  • Invoice and Inventory Management This application allows Organizations to manage their stocks efficiently. This allows to generate Delivery Challan (DC) and Invoice. Option to manage both fresh sales and rental sales is available. Various repots like sales report, Tax reports etc can be generated.
  • E-Auction Software E-Auction software allows Organizations to conduct auctions over the internet. People can bid online by logging into the application. Based upon the EMD payed people will be allowed to participate in the auctions. Images and videos of the property to be auctioned can be uploaded so that prospective bidders can view the same. Reserved Price and the Minimum Incremental Bid Amount (MIBA) can be set. Based upon the bidding activity the bid closing time will be automatically increased by the software. The successful and the unsuccessful bidders will be notified automatically by the software once the bidding window closes.
  • Restaurant Management Software eSteward, is an android based software which can be used on the tablet PCs or the mobile. The server will be hosted on the JAVA /MySQL paltform. This allows the steward or the waiter to take orders or modify/cancel orders based upon the table numbers. The orders will be displayed in the kitchen to be taken up for preparation. Once the food is prepared, an alert to the steward/waiter is sent. Bills will be generated at billing counter once the order is complete. This software offers great improvements in efficiency of the waiters by reducing their trips to the kitchen. Click to know more
  • Dealer Management App eChandler is an android based application, which allows FMCG and other retail businesses to automate their sales force. Basically all the sales people will be provided tablets or mobile phones loaded with this application. They can book orders, print receipts and also enter details of returned stocks. The inventory management is done on a centralized server. The application can function in the absence of the internet since it allows local storage (i.e., storage on the tablet or mobile) of data. The data can be synchronized to the central server once the internet is accessible or by LAN in office.